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New York Times Gets the Facts Wrong on Land Mines

Published by The Daily Signal By Ted Bromund Every year, the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) publishes a report on the number of casualties caused by land mines—or so it says. And every year, gullible journalists take the report’s headline figure at face value. But this year, the worst offender is a particularly prestigious outlet:… Read more »

How Do Liberals Flunk Science? Let Us Count the Ways.

Published by: American Thinker By:  Trevor Thomas With most of the U.S. recently in the grip of significant cold, and given the proper goading from President Trump, liberals again felt led to lecture us on the difference between weather and climate.  It’s lost on most leftists how they so often fail to apply the same standards… Read more »

MSM Reluctant to Report on Iran Protests Because a New Regime Would Reveal More Obama Corruption

Published by The Gateway Pundit Written by Joe Hoft The Obama Administration did everything possible to put together the nuclear deal with Iran with hopes they would prevent the evil Iranian regime from obtaining nuclear capabilities. Instead Obama got played and ended up giving the evil Iranian regime billions in cold hard cash.  And Obama assisted with the… Read more »

Wikileaks Drops Late Night Proof The NY Times Colluded With Hillary Clinton While She Was Secretary of State

Published by:  Gateway Pundit Authored by:  Cristina Laila Wikileaks hit back hard Late Saturday night after The New York Times rolled out yet another hit piece titled, “Republican Attacks on Mueller and F.B.I. Open New Rift in GOP”. The New York Times is a mouthpiece for Deep State operatives. Wikileaks revealed in a midnight tweet… Read more »

The left and the politics of hate

Published by: American Thinker Authored by:  David Zukerman Michael Goodwin, in his December 24 New York Post column, admitted to being surprised that the Democrats are continuing impeachment politics.  He commented, “I assumed it would last six months at most[.] … But it’s clear now that the mob-like motivation isn’t going to disappear.  It’s become a steamroller force on… Read more »

NYT, down on Trump’s ‘sexual harassment,’ reinstates sexually harassing reporter

Published by American Thinker Written by Ed Straker NYT, down on Trump’s “sexual harassment,” reinstates sexually harassing reporter Glenn Thrush is a senior White House reporter for the New York Times. You know he’s an odd guy simply by looking at him because he always wears a hat indoors. Thrush was accused of sexually harassing… Read more »

Yes, Hillary Knew All About Harvey Weinstein

Lena Dunham isn’t the most reliable of narrators, but the New York Times is reporting that she, along with bigshot magazine editor Tina Brown, both warned the Hillary Clinton campaign all about Harvey Weinstein’s depredations and got ignored.  Hillary Clinton says she had never heard of any Weinstein problems until she read them in the… Read more »

The New York Times Finally Admits It’s Just A Democrat Super PAC

  Journalists will often complain that readers don’t properly understand the distinction between editorialists and reporters. To be fair, it’s often quite difficult to tell. That’s not only because of bias in coverage or because the Internet has largely wiped away the compartmentalization of the traditional paper, but because reporters now regularly give their opinions… Read more »

Report: Lauer Sexually Assaulted Staffer At The Olympics

After NBC fired “Today” anchor Matt Lauer for alleged sexual misconduct, some reporters are saying there is much more to the story. According to a report by Page Six, Lauer may have sexually assaulted an employee while at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. An NBC source told Page Six that the employee in question complained on… Read more »

NY Times ‘Angry Hannity’ Photo Select Confirms Host’s Belief of ‘Liberal Bias’

Well, this is a predictable media dust-up. The New York Times Magazine published a long-form profile of Fox News primetime host Sean Hannity, Tuesday, which paints the proudly conservative firebrand in a remarkably fair and humanizing manner. Humanizing because it’s not unfair to surmise that the majority of NY Times readers see Hannity as a one-dimensional… Read more »