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Jim Acosta: If The President Calls Us Fake News, Do We Just Take It?

On CNN’s “Twitter & Trump” special Tuesday night, CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta recounted his Wikipedia page being vandalized after being called “fake news” by President Donald Trump. “The President of the United States called me fake news and on the day he called me fake news, somebody went on my Wikipedia page and changed my Wikipedia page to say… Read more »

Trump Defends Roy Moore Against Misconduct Allegations: ‘He Totally Denies It’

President Donald Trump signaled a major shift in the White House’s position Tuesday on Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, repeatedly saying Moore “totally denies” the allegations of sexual misconduct against him and panning his Democratic opponent Doug Jones as “terrible.” Several women have accused Moore of pursuing relationships with them as teenagers when he was in… Read more »

What Trump’s Designation Of N. Korea As State Sponsor Of Terrorism Means For Country’s Future

The Trump administration has re-designated North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism. It’s a proper and pragmatic, if belated, acknowledgement that North Korea’s repeated, deadly actions legally constitute terrorist acts under U.S. law. As President Donald Trump commented, “It should have happened years ago.” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced the re-designation was to… Read more »

Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation Made 16 References To God; Trump’s, 6; Obama’s, 1

( — In the first proclamation declaring a national day of Thanksgiving, in 1789, President George Washington referenced God 16 times. For comparison, President Donald Trump referenced God 6 times in his recent proclamation, and back in 2016, his last year in office, then-President Barack Obama referenced God once. In his Oct. 3, 1789 proclamation, President… Read more »

Newsweek: Here’s How Trump Is Similar To Psychopathic Murderer Charles Manson …

Trump Derangement Syndrome continues to afflict once serious news outlets. In what at first glance looks more like a piece from The Onion than a news outlet that presents itself as a serious source of newsworthy information, right on time for the death of psychopathic murderer Charles Manson, Newsweek published an hysterical article explaining how… Read more »

Chris Cuomo Tries To Get LaVar Ball To Say Thank You To President Trump

LaVar Ball is still refusing to thank President Trump for his role in bringing his son home to the United States. LiAngelo Ball was one of three UCLA basketball players to be taken prisoner in China after shoplifting. Trump reportedly helped secure the release of the three men earlier this month in talks with Chinese… Read more »

San Francisco Judge Blocks Trump’s Sanctuary City Order

U.S. District Court Judge William Orrick III issued a permanent injunction Monday against President Donald Trump’s executive order directing that federal funds be withheld from “sanctuary city” jurisdictions. The original order, issued January 25, aimed to “Ensure that jurisdictions that fail to comply with applicable Federal law do not receive Federal funds, except as mandated by… Read more »

Newsweek Draws Parallels Between Donald Trump And Charles Manson

Two Things happened yesterday: serial killer Charles Manson died and Newsweek complained that calling them “fake news” destroys democracy. Today, Newsweek published a piece comparing President Trump with the deceased brutal murderer in an effort to show what real news is all about. Thank goodness they were able to preserve our democracy and their stellar… Read more »

President Trump: ‘The U.S. Is Designating North Korea As A State Sponsor Of Terrorism’

The United States has declared North Korea a state sponsor of terrorism. President Trump made the announcement during a Cabinet meeting Monday. “We will be instituting a very critical step,” Trump said. “Today, the U.S. is designating North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism. This should have happened a long time ago—should have happened… Read more »

Leftists Arrested Rioting at Trump Inauguration in Court, Face Mutiple Felonies

Leftists arrested for rioting during President Trump’s January 20, 2017 inauguration are expected in court today after being charged with multiple felonies. Their comrades are urging supporters to pack the court house in the name of solidarity.  From a “Resist This” press release:  The jury for the N15 trial group has been selected and 6… Read more »