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The Truth Behind the DNC Russian Hacker Lies – an Interview with Michael Guy

On this bonus throwback episode of Blunt Force Truth, Chuck Woolery and Mark Young open with a rundown of the decisive actions President Trump has taken so far in office.

Then they invite Michael Guy to the conversation, a musician turned tech guy who designed the world’s first anti-piracy system, helping take down Napster with his large-scale tracking system for illegal websites and his consulting services. They discuss several of the tech controversies stirred up during the election, including proof that the Russians didn’t actually hack the DNC.

Michael talks about his plans to make a documentary to expose the truth about the Russian hacker controversy, including his GoFundMe campaign to support it. He has compiled an exclusive document for Blunt Force Truth listeners to expose the DNC’s efforts to deceive the intelligence community, along with cyber security tips to keep your own devices safe. Download your copy here.

Michael has been engineering success stories for two decades and is considered one of the world’s foremost Google / INFOSEC experts. With a background in intelligence, INFOSEC and network security with the onus placed on SEO, Michael continues to deliver companies to total market segment domination.

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