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Black Dem Women Put Race Over Sisterhood, Back Accused VA Lt. Gov Rapist

Feminism ultimately always takes a back seat to racial identity politics.

Here’s a little peek from the New York Times about why Dems keep shrieking that Governor Northam should resign over wearing blackface 34 years ago, while shrugging at the women who have accused Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax of rape.

The Democrats depend increasingly on black female voters. And they tend to vote along racial, not gender lines.

All that “Republicans have a women problem” and “white women are betraying the sisterhood” nonsense that the media was pushing not long ago just went up in smoke.

White women aren’t betraying women. Black women who vote monotonously Democrat along purely racial lines are okay with rape, even when the victim is another black woman, because they put race ahead of gender.

As Virginia comes to terms with the possibility that its executive branch for the next three years could include two men who once mocked African-Americans and a third accused of rape, there is an unmistakable racial divide among progressive female advocates and elected officials about whether to resolutely side with Mr. Fairfax’s accusers or to withhold judgment. White women like Ms. Cordovilla tend to unhesitatingly line up with the accusers while African-Americans like Ms. Vasser want to hear a fuller airing of the charges against Mr. Fairfax, who is black, before choosing sides.

An “infinitely” fuller airing. They’re not looking for a fuller airing of the accusations that Northam wore blackface. Just the accusations against Fairfax.

Read the full story from Front Page Mag

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