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Democrats Are More Out of Touch Than Ever

RUSH: You know, I have an ongoing premise here that the Democrat Party is in heap big trouble, and every time I get into it, I am the recipient of many emails from people who tell me that I am wrong and that I am misanalyzing this. That I don’t care what it looks like on paper, and I don’t care what the Democrats are doing in terms of losing elections. The fact is, Rush, we’re still losing. The Democrats are getting everything they want, people say to me.

And that’s why I’ve evolved a theory that, no, the Democrats aren’t; the media is. I have believed for the past year that the media is actually the organizing power behind the liberal movement. It’s no longer the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party is actually an arm of the media now, not the other way around. The difference is, the media doesn’t get elected. Democrats do. And in more and more cases, they’re not.

With this switch of Buford T. Justice, the governor of West Virginia from Democrat to Republican, the Democrats now have 15 states that they hold the governorship. The Republicans, 35. If you look at a map of electoral — the Democrats are in heap big trouble. You’ve heard me, the song and dance about the Democrats losing thousands of seats nationwide in elections since 2010, and they still are.

Folks, this is independent of the Republicans. The frustrating thing, the Republicans are not taking advantage of it. The Republicans are not using this golden opportunity to put the Democrats out of their misery and to at the same time grow the Republican Party or conservatism. But despite the Republicans’ incompetence or lack of interest or inability, whatever, the fact remains, the Democrats are in deep doo-doo. And there’s nothing out there that suggests it’s going to turn around.

Where they do hold power, they are doing things that are turning off people. They run California. And they’re destroying California. It’s too bad for the people of California, but people outside the state of California are noticing. And none of what the Democrats are doing in California does anybody else in the country wish to incorporate.

The Democrats are more out of touch than they have ever been. The average Democrat lives in Washington, reads the New York Times or Washington Post, and watches CNN. They admittedly do not travel the country. They mock it. Look at the reaction Washington had to Trump’s rally in West Virginia last night. They were beside themselves with anger. Stu Rothenberg tweeting all night making fun of West Virginians.

The fact that people in West Virginia were openly in love with Trump and supportive and happy and partying at a rally for Trump did not make them think, “Wow. We may be on the wrong side.” It just steeled their resolve even more. They are further and further away from mainstream America and getting further and further away. And if you look at their agenda, you can see why.

Let’s run through what the Democrat Party agenda is. They want to preserve the Obama legacy, and included in that is Obamacare. They really don’t want Obamacare to get fixed. What they want is for Obamacare to fail, which is the next step in what they really want, which is single-payer, government-run health care. They are not interested in fixing it, and people are beginning to really hurt in this area.

Now, their premiums are way up and their deductibles are way up, and Aetna and a couple other insurance companies have just announced they’re pulling out of all Obama exchanges next year. It’s gonna get even worse, and the Democrats show no sympathy or compassion for any of the people that are being negatively impacted by this. None.

What they’re seen as is opposing every effort to fix it, including repeal it. They are not seen as being on the side of the traditional people that they think they’ve been in favor of, the little guy. Federal spending, no limits. They just want to keep piling on spending left and right. When it comes to immigration, what are they doing? They are defending and promoting sanctuary cities. This is not mainstream American belief or thought. They believe in comprehensive immigration reform, which is amnesty.

They’re not modernizing. They are not gonna support the RAISE Act. They’re not gonna support anything common sense that will improve the country or the lives of people that live in the country. They don’t believe in tax cuts. In fact, they want to raise taxes again on more and more people. Every Democrat on TV talks about this, be they elected or Democrat analysts. They still are known for taking aim at your guns and gun control. They’re not moderating or modifying on any of these things.

They still refuse to acknowledge radical Islamic terrorism. They have literally got an agenda that doesn’t relate to anywhere near a majority of the American people. They do not have a candidate that could draw half the crowd Trump drew last night. Would you believe it if I tell you that Joe Biden remains at the top of the list in the Democrat Party of people they are looking forward to run against Trump in 2020? They’re in heap big trouble.

Now, I know you’re saying, “So what, Rush? It’s not helping us any. I mean, if you watch the news every day, it looks to hell like we’re lose every day!” Well, I can understand the sentiment. But this stuff does matter. They are losing elections. They haven’t had this little power in Washington since the 1920s. This is why the media makes up the difference. I gotta take a break here, folks. But you get my point. The real point here is this is such a golden opportunity that is being missed. The only guy trying to take advantage of it.

(First reported by (August 07, 2017)

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