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Democrats Falsely Try to Redefine “Court Packing”

How do you know that the Democrats are all-in on court packing?

The most obvious tell is that they’re doing what they usually do, playing Orwellian word games to redefine the term. The meaning of court packing had stayed the same for much of our history. FDR’s court packing scheme was referred to as such in the same textbooks written and taught by generations of lefty academics.

But now the Overton Window is being opened, which means that the term “court packing” gets its Orwellian moment and the media starts insisting that the term doesn’t mean what everyone, including them, used it to mean all along. But if you can do that with human sexes, doing it with a mere political term is pretty easy.

Democrats and their media are working to push their party past the Rubicon on court packing. The propaganda isn’t really intended for us, but for Democrats, who are wary of the idea, to convince them that Republicans have been doing it all along. “It” being the thing that they, like Bill Clinton, are trying to redefine.

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