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Durbin cares more about illegal immigrants than the Constitution, our military or taxpayers

Published by: American Thinker

By:  Jack Hellner

In 2010, Senator Durbin sent a letter to IRS telling them to investigate conservative groups. Is it any wonder Lois Lerner acted as she did?  Somehow a Georgetown-educated lawyer seemed not to care that the Constitution protects free speech, especially political speech, and not just the speech of those who agree with the policies of those in power.

If you have powerful politicians like Durbin not caring about the Constitution and going after political opponents:

  1. 1.  Pretty soon you may have a President who dictatorially ignores Congress and rewrites immigration law to allow those he wants to stay special benefits. 
  2. 2.  You may have politicians from throughout the U.S declaring that they are going to ignore their oath of office and declare that they will be sanctuary cities and states and just refuse to enforce immigration laws that Congress passed that they don’t like.
  3. 3.  You may have Judges that just go along with the violations of law and the Constitution.

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