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Greg Gutfeld Completely Obliterates Patton Oswalt In Twitter Bout

Greg Gutfeld is a Fox News host, has a nearly a million followers on Twitter and is a pretty funny guy. Patton Oswalt is a professional comedian, has 4.3 million Twitter followers and is really angry about everything President Trump does.

Ding! Round One!

A nice jab. But Gutfeld lands an uppercut.

Round one to Gutfeld, 10-8.


Body blow. Gutfeld counters.

Good exchanges. We’ll score that a draw. Round Three!

A glancing shot.

Oh! Gutfeld wobbles Oswalt! He retreats!

Gutfeld smells blood. Charges in!

Oswalt goes down! But he’s back up before the 10 count and throws a wobbly roundhouse, hitting only air.

Saved by the bell! Big win that round for Gutfeld. Oswalt’s cornerman is slathering salve over his boxer’s cut-up face. No time! Ding! Round 4!

Gutfeld stays on the attack, gets in the first shot. Oswalt counters.

Ah, Oswalt goes Rope-a-dope, and is actually sobbing in his corner!

Boom! Oswalt to the mat again! Back up, Oswalt says nanny nanny boo boo.

Gutfeld swarms.

Punched out, Oswalt goes in for a hug.

Well, the judges have an easy time with this round. Gutfeld again. Onto Round 5. Oswalt is wobbling visibly.

Oswalt goes down hard! No, he’s not moving. The referee leans over him, then starts waving his arms like an ump calling a ballplayer safe at home. It’s all over! Gutfeld wins in a knockout!

Let’s hope for a rematch soon….

(First reported by the Daily Caller)  (December 3, 2017)

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