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Here’s How Average Families Would Spend Their Extra $1,000 Per Year From Tax Cuts

Published by The Federalist 

Written by Nicole Russell 

Liberals mocked new tax cuts for ‘only’ allowing middle-class Americans to keep an average of $1,000 more of their money a year. Excuse me. We can do a lot with that money.

The president recently signed a tax reform bill into law. Of course, both conservatives and Democrats see problems with it. Some conservatives argue it doesn’t cut taxes enough, and others are disappointed it may increase the country’s already astronomic deficits and debt.

Liberals think the law’s end of Obamacare’s individual mandate to purchase health insurance will hurt families, and that reducing taxes merely benefits the uber-wealthy. While the tax reform bill isn’t a flawless piece of legislation, it is silly to downplay the cut average families will receive, and doing so reveals a longtime disparity between political ideologies.

The Size of the Middle Class Tax Cut