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Liberal Media Is Using Radical Groups To Push Anti-Trump Agenda

The terrorist attack taking place in our country is completely unacceptable. The liberal media is grouping all conservatives in with the alt-right that are behind these attacks. Not only is the liberal media associating conservatives with these radical hate groups but they are trying to pin President Trump with being behind it all.

We have seen this crisis like this before but the recent emerging of these radical hate groups are spreading the crisis across the country. The liberal media is assisting in the spread of crime and riots in the country because of the way they group all conservatives with a small number of radicals.

I thought that the left was supposed to be tolerant? They are doing exactly what they tell the country about radical Islamic groups, which is that they are only a small portion of the group. But there is still an issue with this, the protesters are not a part of the republican party or conservatives. They do not have the same beliefs, conservatives do not look for opportunities to create chaos.

Clearly, the media is playing a major role but we cannot leave out the far-left senators and George Soros. Maxine Waters has used the recent events to push her anti-Trump agenda. She has been one of the most vocal democrats that have gone after President Trump during the crisis. Now this should not come as a surprise but George Soros is behind the recent breakout of protest, which in most part means he is funding the protest in some way.

Just like Antifa, the alt-right groups are not Americans, as far as beliefs and actions. They do not hold American values and want anarchy. The liberal media and much of the left is using the crisis to push their anti-Trump agenda, which is just as bad as the radical groups because they could be helping the situation. They are wanting to push their agenda, even if that means tearing the country apart. 

The media and left needs to stop trying to blame the recent crisis on President Trump. They are creating more of a divide in our country and creating hate in the country. Protesting, riots, vandalism, and slander is what we are seeing when we should be seeing legal action against those that are part of these hate groups.

Below are some of the recent incidents:

(Written by Blunt Force Truth News)

(August 15, 2017)

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