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Liberal’s Take Agression To The Streets

Since President Trump Defeated Hillary Clinton last fall, we have seen a drastic increase in violence coming from the Democratic party. The violence has been initiated by the Democratic leaders and the severity has continued to increase. It does not seem that the left has no boundaries and if they do, then they do not have a problem crossing them.

Their frustration and anger from losing all control in Washington has gone well past protesting and crying. We have seen staged assassination of President Trump and the liberal media making up false claims against all Republicans but it has now take to physical violence against Republicans.

A far left-winged supporter opened fire on Republican congressmen this week, which happened while they were practicing for a charity baseball game against Democrats. This was not a random shooting. The gunman wanted to kill Republicans and was open about his thoughts of violence towards republicans, via Facebook. It is not clear if he had a specific target but it seemed that he was targeting everyone.

This was the worst attack against Republicans but has not been the only attack targeted attack from Democrats. Republicans are under attack from the left and they have taken it to a new level that will tear our country apart.

At some point, this will have to be ended and that includes elected officials encouraging resistance against President Trump and all Republicans. Yes, that does include Maxine Water’s starting chants for President Trump’s impeachment. The DNC and Hillary Clinton are both funding resistance movements against Republicans and they are intended to create hate and chaos.

The hate between parties has gone too far and is creating a divide that is greater than we have seen in decades. It is one thing to express dislike through media or social media but it has gone too far when senators targeted in a shooting, which seems pretty clear to be politically motivated.

This is not how Republican’s acted after Obama was elected and should not be how Democrat’s act. The only way we will become united as a nation and improve our nation is if the hate and violence is eliminated.

(Written by Blunt Force Truth News)

(June 15, 2017)

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