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Limbaugh: Trump Doesn’t Need People Like Gary Cohn and Rex Tillerson Who Side with Antifa

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh went off on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and White House Economic Adviser Gary Cohn for supporting the Alt-Left Antifa terrorist group and the Southern Poverty Law Center hate group over President Trump.

This comes after the top Trump advisers continue to defend these terrorist groups over President Trump.

Antifa has been beating skulls at Trump rallies for over a year.
Gary Cohn and Rex Tillerson think they are peaceful democracy activists.
Via The Rush Limbaugh Show:

Gary Cohn, the economic guy, actually said that it is a mistake to equate citizens standing up for equality and fairness with these neo-Nazis and right-wingers. I looked at that and I about came out of my gourd because that’s not who these people are. And if people in our administration do not have a proper understanding of who these leftists are, then where are we?

Trump does. He knows exactly who they are, but he’s now got two people in his administration undercutting him. Now, I need to find something out. I raised a question yesterday, and I’m gonna ask it again in relation to these two guys. When I raised this question, I’ve already seen people have responded to it elsewhere in the media. You know the CEOs of Apple and JPMorgan Chase both announced massive million-dollar donations to the Southern Poverty Law Center sometime during the last week…

…Does Gary Cohn, who is the top ranking economic adviser the Trump White House, does he really not know what Antifa is? Does he really not know that they are a group that is devoted to violence, that they are a hate group. That they are not devoted to equality and liberty and fairness. They are devoted to exactly the opposite, does he not know it? It’s a legitimate question. I think it’s entirely possible that a left-wing Democrat would not know what the Southern Poverty Law Center is…

…My question is, is that what we’ve got in the White House? Do we have an economic adviser who really doesn’t know that Antifa is not devoted to equality and fairness and is that why he decides to diss the president and go out and suggest the president is siding with people — let me know put it a better way. He went out and basically implied the president is opposed to citizens standing up for equality and fairness.
And then Tillerson (paraphrasing), “Well, you know, we in the administration here at the State Department, the U.S. government, we advance those values, we defend those values, commitment those values.”

“What about the president?”

“Well, you know, the president speaks for himself, Chris.”

Oh, really? Cannot include the president here. Gary Cohn is Trump’s National Economic Council director. He said what he said in an interview with The Financial Times, and he was openly critical of Trump’s comments about the violence in Charlottesville. He said citizens standing up for equality and freedom can never be equated with white supremacist, neo-Nazis, and the KKK. But Trump didn’t. Trump did not equate the two sets of people. He said that more than one side was responsible for the blame for the violence. Which is true!

He didn’t fall for the usual tack of blaming only one side, which is what the media demanded and apparently what Gary Cohn did. Gary Cohn (paraphrasing), “Yeah, the right-wingers, they’re the problem, supremacists, the neo-Nazis, the KKK.” And there’s no equivocation between them and citizens standing up for equality and freedom. Don’t forget, we had this New York Times reporter who was out there at Charlottesville when this happened who was witnessing the violence on the left and wrote about it and then had her tweets canceled or deleted by the New York Times because it was so against protocol…

…We don’t need somebody in this administration — put him in the Obama administration, but not this one. We don’t need somebody who doesn’t see the threat of leftist violence, somebody who looks at a bunch of leftists and automatically concludes that they are devoted to equality and fairness. You know, if this guy doesn’t see who these people are, I’m sorry. That’s a problem.

And if the guy is then going to separate himself from the president and put himself on a pedestal of superiority based on his own ignorance in order to distance himself from the president, for what reason would he be doing that? Media fawning? Trump doesn’t need people like this, if you ask me. Trump needs people that see the world as he sees it. That’s the reason why you win. That’s why you put together an administration.

To me it’s problematic. If there’s gonna be somebody there that close who can look at these events and only see half of what’s happening and be wrong about the other — well, be wrong on both sides. Sorry. It presents problems for me. As a citizen, not as a radio host. As a citizen.

(First reported by The Gateway Pundit)   (August 30, 2017)

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