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Luxury Socialism and the End of the Working Left

“Plan C is not ‘the organisation of the working classes’ nor do we see a necessity for one,” declares the leading Luxury Communist organization in the UK.

Luxury Communism isn’t for the working class. Plan C’s motto of “Luxury for All” could just as easily be the slogan for a new hotel or car, but actually encapsulates where the left is now. It isn’t fighting for necessities, but exploiting identity politics to divide up government luxuries.

America’s “Socialist Moment” would more accurately be called, “Luxury Socialism”.

Luxury Socialism has won the free college battle on the Democrat side and is pushing onward to Guaranteed Minimum Income or welfare-for-all. Deploying universal welfare during a period of huge job growth and record low unemployment isn’t a response to economic deprivation. It’s “Luxury for All”.

Luxury for All is the inevitable next step for a welfare state that is running out of things to cover. Who needs necessities, when the government can give you luxuries?

The massive wealth of a revived economy has to go somewhere. The manufactured homelessness crisis has swallowed billions, but there’s only so much money that the left can divert into its own infrastructure by exploiting the mentally ill. And the homeless are also less likely to vote.

Luxury Socialism will tackle the prosperity crisis and rally the left’s core bases of government workers, welfare lifers and college students by offering them what they really want, luxuries, not necessities.

Socialism’s main appeal isn’t to the working classes, but to the non-working classes. The ideal socialist candidate, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Julia Salazar, is a wealthy leftist who pretends to be poor. Cortez and Salazar, two Democratic Socialists of America candidates, both told fake stories of rising from poverty, even though both women grew up in a comfortably prosperous lifestyle, Cortez’s father was an architect and Salazar’s a commercial airline pilot, in order to appeal to gentrifying lefties in New York.

The paradox of wealthy lefties like Cortez and Salazar faking poverty to appeal to other wealthy lefties is the one that lies at the heart of the left. And Luxury Communism and Luxury Socialism dispense with it. And with the hypocrisy and lies, the fake biographies and imaginary hard luck stories that go with it.

If socialism is no longer about providing necessities to the oppressed, but luxuries to those who don’t want to work for them, faking poverty is no longer a pretext for leftist activism. Instead the new horror story is that of a lazy lefty activist who can’t get the thousand dollar smartphone that she wants.

Lazy lefties of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your fashion labels and sports cars.

The shift to Luxury Socialism means that the government doesn’t just have to provide necessities, but luxuries. Anyone who has seen the Caddies parked in front of housing projects and the two hundred dollar sneakers worn in check cashing stores that cater to the welfare crowd knows that it already does.

But that’s not enough.

The left traded race for class. But as minority groups rise economically, the equation between poverty and class grows shakier. Affirmative action extends welfare into the luxury arenas of government contracts, bank loans and top jobs. It’s hard to pretend that giving a millionaire another big Chicago municipal contract because of the color of his skin is about helping the poor or the underprivileged.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s father benefited from the luxury socialism of preferential government contracts. Her story of growing up as a poor girl in the Bronx may be a myth, but she did grow up on a government plantation. It was just a much more luxurious government subsidized plantation.

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