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MARK YOUNG: “Conservative” Website Attacks Chuck Woolery


Like many conservative web sites, Blunt Force Truth provides readers with a mix of original content from our staff as well as reposting relevant stories from around the web.

We do this in an effort to push the message of conservatism out to as many people as possible. Our belief is that it is the message that matters, not the messenger. Blunt Force Truth is produced as a labor of love and financed by Chuck Woolery and me personally. We provide all our content free to any other website that wishes to use it and you will find our work on many places around the web.

One of our new people reposted several articles from a site unknown by us called Chicks on the Right.  Our staffer thought that the writers had some useful and interesting content to share and decided to do so, of course with full attribution given to their stories.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, some observant followers reached out to me on Twitter to inform me that people from the “Chicks” website were attacking Chuck Woolery on Twitter. I had no idea who they were, but immediately investigated and did indeed find them to be attacking him, claiming we were stealing content. The issue as I understand it was they wanted a link to their site.

I must tell you I was horrified to see people attacking a man that has become a national icon of conservatism and everything decent. Chuck Woolery has sacrificed so much by stepping forward as a Hollywood conservative and Christian.

He bravely served this nation aboard the USS Enterprise during the Bay of Pigs, his ship and crew standing between Cuba and Soviet navy destroyers.  He has upheld conservative causes across the nation, given his own time and money to so many, and has supported conservative candidates who he felt would return this nation to its constitutional roots.    I have been best friends with Chuck for over 20 years. During this time, he has demonstrated a quiet dignity and honesty that I have rarely witnessed in others.

Chuck, with nearly ten times the following as the combined “Chick” Twitter account, truthfully cannot monitor all of the thousands of tweets sent to him daily. And he honestly does not engage with the countless people who tweet hate and destruction towards him, especially if he thinks he is punching down. Chuck is just not a bully.

Once I was made aware of this Twitter storm, I addressed it immediately, informing them that if they did not want our audience (which is much larger) reading their information we would be happy to take it down. I went on to apologize for the issue and let them know I would get someone on our staff to deal with it, as neither Chuck nor I actually post the stories.

For some reason this was not a sufficient answer and they continued to tweet repeatedly about how Chuck Woolery is a thief, even though they had been informed that Chuck did not even know who they were.

To further fuel this unexplainable outrage, the “Chicks” decided to post 2 articles (using Chuck Woolery in the headline to attract readers) filled with lies, innuendo and personal attacks on both Chuck Woolery and myself. We can only speculate that the headline of Continuing Drama with Chuck Woolery was intended to attract readers to their website, since there was no “drama” as they had never communicated with Chuck at any time.

We live in a time when the division between the left and the right is at an all time high, where saying “Make America Great Again” is considered hate speech. The Chicks on the Right seem to be doing good work and have some good content. It thrills us at Blunt Force Truth to see more women taking up the conservative mantle. 

We have no idea what triggered such an angry reaction from you or what else is happening in your lives that could have played into this highly inappropriate response.  Ask many well-known conservative women about their opinion and interactions with Chuck Woolery or myself and you will find nothing but good things. There are no Al Franken or John Conyers stories lurking in our past.

To the Chicks on the Right, if we have somehow offended you, you have our deepest apology. Blunt Force Truth News is only 5 months old, and although the growth has been phenomenal and humbling, we are still learning.

We wish The Chicks on the Right nothing but success for their team, and hope that they continue to spread the word of conservatism.  We pray they will come to realize that as conservatives, we are all part of the same philosophical family.

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