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NRA’s Wayne LaPierre: “European Socialists” Are Taking Over The Democratic Party

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By Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

National Rifle Association (NRA) CEO Wayne LaPierre hit it out of the park at CPAC today. He bluntly warned conservatives that European socialists are smearing gun rights advocates and are trying to strip us of our Second Amendment rights. Bingo. “Socialism is a movement that loves a smear. Racists, misogynists, sexists, xenophobe and more. These are the weapons and vitriol these character assassinations permanently hang on their targets because socialism feeds off manipulated victims,” LaPierre told the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

LaPierre laid it out for Republicans today by boldly stating that “European socialists” are taking over the Democratic Party. That’s true, except they already have. He also named the “Occupy” movement, Black Lives Matter and Antifa as radical groups that are promoting “uncivil discourse” and aim to “eliminate due process.” That’s an understatement if I’ve ever heard one. They want to destroy the rule of law and shred the Constitution via chaos, violence and communist revolution. “The elimination of due process is the very gold standard of the socialist state,” he said. Again, correct and it’s refreshing to hear an American leader come out and say it.

LaPierre’s fiery remarks come just as the gun grabbers are descending once again on American society after a tragic shooting at a Florida high school that took 17 lives and wounded 15 others. Jumping on the gun control bandwagon are Democratic lawmakers and more than a few Republicans. Both President Trump and the NRA are pushing the banning of bump stocks. Trump is in favor of raising the legal age to purchase a gun and stiffer background checks “with an emphasis on mental health” that could lead to a gun registry. None of that will work… but arming teachers and placing armed security at schools would. Instead of looking to abridge our rights, why not address the real problem of safety? Banning guns just makes us more ‘unsafe’ and constitutionally weaker.

Some Republicans have cautioned against moving too quickly on legislation as a reaction to the incident. And they are right… chief among those is Ted Cruz who is against anything that takes Constitutional rights away from Americans. Earlier in his speech at CPAC, LaPierre called proposals to limit the amount of weapons available to Americans “completely ridiculous” and said more security would help prevent future school shootings. He’s right. But the Marxists on the left are ginning up lynch mobs to come after the NRA and anyone who supports gun rights. Their vehicle is the leftist media.

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