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Russian Collusion? Look to Joe Biden

While President Donald Trump has been cleared of charges of Russian collusion, there is a better case of Russian collusion to be made against another U.S. leader—former Vice President Joe Biden. An investigation into Biden’s Russian ties is long overdue and urgent, as he is likely to declare his campaign for the Democratic Party presidential nomination sometime soon.

While widely regarded as the moderate face of the Democratic Party, that perception might change quickly if more people were aware of his past work to further the interests of the former Soviet Union and Russia.

Biden visited the Soviet Union several times during his early Senate career and was well known to Soviet leaders. The appalling Soviet treatment of dissidents was a big issue at the time, and then-Sen. Biden would sometimes express concern at their plight.

Vadim Zagladin was deputy chief of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union’s Central Committee’s International Department until 1987 and then served as adviser to the last leader of the Soviet Union—Mikhail Gorbachev—until 1991. Zagladin was reportedly both an envoy and a spy, responsible for gathering secrets and spreading propaganda and disinformation to advance Soviet interests.

City Journal writer Claire Berlinski told of a circa 1979 report, recovered from Soviet archives, written by Zagladin on his observations of Sen. Biden and his leftist Indiana Republican colleague and former President Barack Obama’s “favorite Republican,” Richard Lugar:

”Unofficially, Biden and Lugar said that, at the end of the day, they were not so much concerned with having a problem of this or that citizen solved as with showing to the American public that they do care for ‘human rights.’ … In other words, the collocutors directly admitted that what is happening is a kind of a show, that they absolutely do not care for the fate of most so-called dissidents.”

Biden was not just soft on the Soviets; he actively worked in lock step with their military and foreign policy objectives.

Throughout the 1980s, Biden consistently opposed President Ronald Reagan’s tough line against the Soviet Union. Biden instead favored détente—which, had that policy remained in place, would have meant more subsidies and trade deals, keeping the Soviet Union alive much longer than necessary. Biden also strongly opposed Reagan’s effort to fund the Contras, an anti-communist rebel group fighting against Nicaragua’s pro-Soviet Sandinista regime.

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