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Snowflakes Triggered Over 1970s Steve Martin Song ‘King Tut’

One more example of how times have changed during the nation’s slow drift into the leftist totalitarian dystopia that is in our future is how students at an Oregon liberal arts college have reacted to a 1978 song and skit by comedian Steve Martin.

It seems that the precious little snowflakes at Portland’s Reed College have deemed “King Tut”, a novelty song that sold over a million copies after being performed as a Saturday Night Live skit to be a racist form of “cultural appropriation” which is the newest fascist excuse that the left is using to bring an end to free speech.

Why on God’s green earth that a bunch of thin-skinned, intolerant twits in 2017 would be bleating like stuck pigs over a song that is four decades old is a testament to the failure of our educational system which is dominated by cultural Marxist professors who have poisoned the minds of impressionable young people.

Via the Washington Examiner “Students triggered by Steve Martin’s ‘King Tut’ on ‘SNL’”:

Comedian Steve Martin’s rendition of “King Tut” is triggering social justice warriors at Reed College because they see it as a form of cultural appropriation.

The song, originally performed on “Saturday Night Live,” actually criticizes the commercialization and trivialization of Egyptian history and presents a caricature of the Treasures of Tutankhamun traveling exhibit that toured seven United States cities from 1976 to 1979.

However, the context to the SNL skit eludes students who are upset. They are now calling the song a form of “blackface.”

The video and song was brought to students’ attention when it was played in a humanities class at Reed to spur discussion. Students became so worked up over the video, however, that they have demanded the course be made optional until alternative coursework can be created.

The group primarily upset about the video being played in class, Reedies Against Racism, is comparing Martin’s comedic song to the use of the N-word. The Atlantic spoke to members of Reedies Against Racism to get a better idea as to why they are upset about the King Tut song from 1978.

One member of Reedies Against Racism told the Atlantic the song is “like somebody … making a song just littered with the N-word everywhere.” She went on to say that the Egyptian clothing that the backup dancers wear is racist as well. “The gold face of the saxophone dancer leaving its tomb is an exhibition of blackface,” she said.

Reedies Against Racism also released a lengthy list of demands which includes a paid day off for Reed staff to boycott the very college they’re making demands to. Another demand was that the university host “mandatory conferences for building race sensitivity for staff and faculty.” Reedies Against Racism also demanded “the creation of particular scholarships for black students.” Students also want the school to host an “Annual anti-oppression workshop for all students, faculty, staff, and administration.”

The Atlantic has more details on this asininity in an article that can be read HERE.

Back in my high school days “King Tut” was a smash hit. People of all colors that I knew loved it and there was no such thing as cultural appropriation which is a crock of horseshit that sounds like it was invented by Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. Cultural fascism is what the left wants and considering that America was a “melting pot” of many diverse cultures – which back in those days was widely accepted – there is really no end to this madness.

The song is so old that Saturday Night Live used to be funny and actually had talented entertainers instead of deranged embittered old hacks like Alec Baldwin and today’s cast of activist leftists who may as well be reading the DNC talking points – hey, Jimmy Kimmel does.

(First reported by DownTrend)   (November 17, 2017)

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