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The Obama “Legacy” Continues…

The left continues their mindset that Russia spied on and hacked our election but ignoring evidence of spying was done by the Obama administration. Recently, it has been released that the Obama administration routinely violated the privacy of American citizens and the privacy breach may have even been used for political reasons during the last election.

The violation was reported but the extent of the violation was not reported. The violation of American citizen’s privacy is a serious violation of the fourth amendment and causes for Americans to lose more trust in the government. Not only did the extent of the violation not be properly reported but, the NSA has admitted that they did hold back the extent of the violation.

Obama and his administration had vowed to the American people that they would follow the privacy rules protecting citizens, which were relaxed by Obama in 2011. The left is so focused on Russia and trying to undermine President Trump that they are ignoring the major abuse of power by the past Democratic administration. As a nation, we need to stop focusing on Russia and dig into the abuse of power that was done by our own elected officials. This major violation of rights of American citizens should be a concern by all Americans because there is evidence and we can expect for more evidence to be released.

If the information illegally obtained during the Obama Presidency was used for political reasons then the American people need to demand for everyone involved to be held responsible. There have been names of current democrats that could have used the information for political reason but there is no solid evidence against these individuals, at this time. We will report more as the story continues and include those names when evidence against them is released.

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