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U of Illinois Instructor Arrested for Assaulting Conservative Students

Cue Gender and Women’s Studies professor in 3, 2, 1.

A Ph.D. student and instructor of history at the University of Illinois has been arrested after an assault on conservative students was caught on camera.

Tariq Khan was speaking on a megaphone at an anti-Donald Trump rally on campus where members of Turning Point USA were gathered. Khan said over the loudspeaker, “F*** Donald Trump and f*** you guys,” and threatened to tear down the groups’ signs. He added, “And we ain’t scared of you little snowflakes.”

One of the TPUSA members, freshman Joel Valdez, yells back: “No one’s scared of you, 50-year-old man. Don’t you have kids to look after?”

Khan approached the group very upset, feeling they had threatened his children, and tells Valdez to his face, “I’ll f*** you up.” Khan went back and forth between members, getting in their faces and yelling. He eventually grabbed Valdez’s phone and held on to it while he continued walking and ranting in anger. Once Khan heard the cops were called, he threw the phone down on the sidewalk. 

Khan was later arrested and charged with criminal damage of property.

Valdez told the campus paper, “Khan immediately charged us, pushing us, throwing punches. We then attempted to defuse the situation and remained calm, but Tariq was uncontrollable and unhinged. I’m certain that Khan knew there was no threat; he just wanted to look for a fight. I wasn’t interested.”

Khan retorted in an e-mail, “Their narrative that I ‘assaulted’ them is deeply problematic. They have been stalking, surveilling, and harassing students and staff all semester.”

“I did not confront them out of the blue,” he continued. “In fact they showed up to the rally to intimidate and surveil leftist student organizers. One of their members … made a veiled threat against my children. It’s one thing to criticize my politics, it’s entirely another thing to threaten my children.”

Khan called TPUSA part of the “alt-right.”

And you’ll never guess what departments Khan is involved with, as listed at The College Fix, “African American Studies, Gender and Women’s Studies, and Latina/Latino Studies.”


(First reported by Truth Revolt)   (November 21, 2017)

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