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UPDATED: More Damning Podesta Email Leaks Emerge, MSM Ignores

State Department colluded with Associated Press to plant distorted story on Hillary emails.

UPDATE: As of Monday, Wikileaks released its tenth batch of Podesta emails, which can be accessed here. **Newly added email topics will appear in bold-underscore, at the top of the bullet-point list featured below. This post will be updated regularly, so please check back. Readers are also welcome to send us emails or links for further investigation. 

Conservative and independent bloggers, social media users and Trump supporters are likely doing their best to sift through and disseminate the information contained in these emails and it is easy to lose track. In order to simplify, we’ve compiled a brief roundup of the more damning subjects the Podesta email chain seem to broach. 

The following list is not exhaustive and includes: 

-Podesta invited 30 reporters from the mainstream media to his house for a dinner party three days before Hillary announced her candidacy. He bragged to George Soros pal Neera Tanden about cooking for them. She replied, “GREAT plan.”

-Politico’s White House political correspondent/senior staff writer Glenn Thrush actually allowed his article to be proofed and edited by Podesta prior to publishing. To Podesta, Thrus wrote:”Because I have become a hack I will send u the whole section that pertains to u [sic] … Please don’t share or tell anyone I did this … tell me if I f***ed up anything.”

-Podesta was disappointed that the San Bernardino terrorist was a Muslim man – wished he had been white. 

-The State Dept colluded with Hillary Campaign and the Associated Press on Sydney Blumenthal emails SD obtained.  SD planned to leak a story on this to a “friendly” reporter at AP in order to “distort” the contents contained in those emails (which were handed over the to the Congressional committee investigating)

-Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook planned to “control” narrative about her “hyper sensitive” health issue

-Major voter-fraud exposed as Clinton camp cites then-senator Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign in which he “flooded” the caucuses with “ineligible voters” thus securing his nomination in 2008. Colorado cited in particular. Implies Clinton camp to do the same. 

-Podesta upset by New York Times interview with Dem donor Tom Steyer, who contradicted Clinton in the article — Podesta sends irate email to Steyer saying “I didn’t expect to get f*cked by YOU in the NYT”

-Chelsea Clinton used multiple email accounts under various aliases for her work with the Clinton Foundation – one used to secure big donations including from billionaire Tom Steyer

-Leaks show Clinton campaign collected data to discredit Juanita Broaddrick

-Clinton advisor Neera Tanden slammed Hillary to Podesta: “God. Her instincts are suboptimal.” and “The sooner Hillary gets that life is not fair, the better off she will be.”

-Tanden also complained about Obama’s campaign “white dudes running everything is terrible” 

-Hillary predicted “multiple aggressive terror attacks including on American & European soil”

-After subpoena Podesta suggests withholding emails exchanged between Hillary Clinton and President Obama “Think we should hold emails to and from potus?” Podesta asked in an email. “That’s the heart of his exec privilege. We could get them to ask for that. Three weeks later Camp Clinton used BleachBit to erase more than 33,000 emails, likely including those to and from POTUS discussed herein.
Podesta facilitated meetings between Eric Schmidt, Exec Chairman of Google’s parent company and Robby Mook and Cheryl Mills

-NY Times warns Hillary in advance of stories it is about to publish Hillary Clinton campaign tried to take down Obama in 2008 for his “Muslim” background and “cocaine” use

-Email seems to reveal ABC’s Stephanopolous colluded with Clinton camp to discredit Peter Schweizer, author of Clinton Cash 

-Podesta says it’s great to be able to feed stories to the media who “Tee Up for Us” — cites NY Time’s Maggie Haberman

-Roby Mook tried to get Illinois to push forward its primary date to favor Clinton, said the Clinton’s “don’t forget what their friends have done for them” 

-Podesta owns 75,000 shares of Putin-backed company
Clinton camp planted fake sexist Trump jobs ads on Craigslist

-Details about Clinton’s involvement and cover-up in the Uranium One deal. During her time as Secretary of State, Clinton approved the sale of roughly 20% of our nation’s uranium production to a Russian-government backed company called Uranium One, which in turn donated millions to the Clinton Foundation. Clinton did not disclose these donations, covering them up instead. 

-The Department of Justice colluded with the Clinton campaign on the email investigation likely in order to prepare her. 

-Podesta plotted a “Catholic Spring,” seeking to subvert the Catholic church with progressive ideologies)

-Catholics, Evangelicals, Southerners and other demographic groups were disparaged and mocked. 

-Clinton-attorney David Kendal admits legal team did not turn over important email thumb drive and server to State Department. 

-African Americans and Muslims were disparaged as “losers.” 

-Podesta urged Hillary Clinton to make an “easy” phone call in order to ensure the support of “needy Latinos”

-Multiple emails reveal mainstream media collusion with the Clinton campaign including from the Washington Post and CNN, among other outlets. 

-Clinton staffers discussed which of Hillary Clinton’s emails to release and which not to (i.e. delete).

-Donna Brazile in fact had the exact wording of a proposed CNN town hall question and fed it to the Clinton campaign prior to the event. 

-Hillary Campaign planned (and succeeded) to fool Bernie Sanders and his “self-righteous ideologue” supporters at the convention. Podesta and campaign staff planned to “throw [Sanders] a bone” at the convention by falsely vowing to curb the Superdelegate system. This was done to make Sanders and his “bitching” supporters “think they’ve won something.” 

-Saudi Arabia and Qatar — both big donors to the Clinton Foundation — are funding ISIS. 

-Campaign feared what, exactly, was in Clinton’s emails. 
Preferential treatment would be given to “Friends of Bill” following the Haiti earthquake. 

-Hillary Clinton called Bernie Sanders supporters a “bucket of losers” in Goldman Sachs speech. She also admitted to having two faces and two sets of policies — one she reveals to the public, the other in private. 

-Clinton’s own campaign called her a “mediocre” and “lackluster” candidate.

-Clinton campaign was concerned about Bill Clinton’s sex-life as a liability to the campaign. 

-Campaign staff admitted that Clinton often lies and said she should not press Sanders for his medical records during the primaries, insinuating it would open a can of worms for her. 

The proof is irrefutable. Mainstream media are engaged in a concerted effort to sway the presidential race and elect Hillary Clinton the next President of the United States. That’s why each and every major outlet is currently attempting to divert attention away from damaging information revealed in hacked emails originating from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. 

Wikileaks has released several batches — totaling more than 10,000 to date — of Podesta emails and has promised more to come. The Clinton campaign has neither confirmed nor denied their authenticity, though many believe that Clinton herself confirmed the emails’ veracity by addressing one of the claims contained therein during the second presidential debate.  

Below are a few snapshots of various email threads from the Podesta leaks. We will add new snapshots regularly, so please check back: 


More detailed information is contained in each of these various email threads, particularly concerning media collusion. The link provided above and here to Wikileaks’ John Podesta email page is easily searchable. We will update this post as more revelations emerge.

(First reported by Truth Revolt)   (July 27, 2017)

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