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Prime Chuck: The Truth About Christopher Columbus

Chuck Woolery give us the Blunt Force Truth about Christopher Columbus’ journeys and trials in his quest to find a new trade route to East Asia and how the Left is doing their best to change that history.     Want more BFT? Leave us a voicemail on our page or follow us on Twitter… Read more »

Flynn: Christopher Columbus a Better Man Than Those Defacing His Statues

Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas. What did Antifa ever do? The group looks to do something about Columbus, or at least Columbus simulacrums, this Monday. One Antifa group acts as a destroyer of the explorer. Specifically, the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement plans a “Deface Columbus Day.” It falls on the national holiday bearing the explorer’s name, so the… Read more »

ABC’s ‘Blackish:’ ‘Celebrating Columbus is Celebrating a Slavery Pioneer’

Season four of Blackish premiered on October 3 with their episode “Juneteenth: The Musical” a play on the Broadway show Hamilton: The Musical. The episode opened with Dre (Anthony Anderson) and his wife Rainbow (Tracee Ellis Ross) at their kids’ Columbus Day school play. During the performance, which he calls a “racist pageant,” Dre imagines… Read more »

NY Post Says ‘Statue-Smashers Will Never Stop’

MRC Culture has argued before that once all the Confederate statues have been dismantled, suspicious subway tiles retired and any surviving Dukes of Hazard cars been sent to the Earl Scheib Paint Booth and Ideological Reeducation Camp, the left’s War on Inanimate Objects is going to continue. The New York Post’s Karol Markowicz agrees, writing… Read more »

Christopher Columbus Statue In NYC Vandalized With Creepy, Spray-Painted Warning

A Christopher Columbus statue was found in New York City’s Central Park with red paint covering its hands and graffiti on the statue’s base declaring that “HATE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED” — as well as a creepy warning that “#somethingscoming.” Christopher Columbus statue in Central Park this morningHATE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED (which, yikes)#SomethingsComing… Read more »

Minnesotans Petition to Replace Statue of Columbus with One of Prince

Now that monuments and statues of Confederate figures have been dealt with, the next target for removal is apparently Christopher Columbus. In Maryland, a statue of Columbus was vandalized. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has said that they’re looking in to taking down their statue of Columbus, and in Minnesota, there’s even a petition drive… Read more »