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Feds Tried To Buy Guns Illegally Through Legitimate Websites – Failed Repeatedly

Published by American Lookout By Mike LaChance Liberals would have you believe its incredibly easy to buy guns illegally. Yet the federal government tried to do it repeatedly for up to two years and they failed repeatedly. The Washington Free Beacon reported: Federal Investigators Couldn’t Illegally Buy Guns Through Legitimate Websites Despite 72 Attempts Federal agents… Read more »

What Being a Dad with a Gun Taught My Daughter

Years ago, my daughter Samantha and I were home in the afternoon (she was off school, second grade, and I was home with her) when there was a loud knock on the front door.  When I answered, I discovered that there were about a hundred cops, including SWAT (tactical truck and all) at my door… Read more »

Louisiana Woman Uses Her Rifle To Ward Off Intruder

Didn’t even have to fire weapon to cause a burglar to flee. A woman in Louisiana was able to stop a burglar after pulling her gun and confronting the home intruder. The female homeowner called law enforcement, reporting that she was holding the home invader at gunpoint with her own rifle after he broke into… Read more »

New York Church Sign: ‘We Are Not A Gun Free Zone’

In the wake of the latest church shooting in which Devin Patrick Kelley killed 26 people at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, one New York house of worship is making sure any would-be shooters know what to expect from their congregation. Lighthouse Mexico Church of God, a Pentecostal church in Mexico, New York,… Read more »

Bipartisan Bill To Fix Gun Background Check System Introduced In Senate

National Shooting Sports Foundation Offers Support For The Bill A bipartisan group of senators introduced a bill designed to address failures in the FBI’s gun background check system on Thursday. The Fix NICS Act would implement punishments for federal agencies that fail to comply with criminal reporting requirements, including prohibiting bonuses for political appointees at… Read more »

Here’s The Gun Range Billboard Liberal Activists Are Calling ‘Racist’

“The only time we take a knee…” A pro-military billboard put up by a gun range in southern New Jersey has been declared “racist” by several activists, including the local chapter of the NAACP and a progressive feminist group, because it takes a shot at the national anthem protests. Despite mounting pressure, the gun range… Read more »

Good Guy With Gun Stops Sex Assault On Hiking Trail

And leftists want guns out of the equation. A licensed gun owner in the uber-lefty city of Austin, Texas, used his Glock 43 to stop a sexual assault in progress while out on an early morning hike. Meanwhile, leftists continue to cry for more restrictions on guns. According to The Blaze, Josh Williams, 39, nearly left his… Read more »

Behind The Claim That Trump Made It Easier For Mentally Ill To Buy Guns

Following Sutherland Springs, the gun control crowd crowed on and on about how President Trump made it easier for mentally disturbed people to buy guns. It was repeated by almost every news agency out there and thus repeated by people whose only understanding of guns and gun rights comes from the mainstream media. Gun rights… Read more »

Boston Globe Calls For Gun Confiscation

Within any gun debate, gun control advocates will typically spout some platitude about how they’re not wanting to ban guns outright, just certain guns. Maybe they’re saying they don’t want the hunting rifles, but do want the modern sporting rifles like the AR-15, whatever. Regardless of the specifics, they’ll routinely say they don’t want all… Read more »

THROWBACK: Chuck Woolery on Saving The Second Amendment

Game show legend Chuck Woolery discusses the state of gun control in America, and how we, as Americans, can protect the Second Amendment from an overreaching government. Want more BFT? Leave us a voicemail on our page or follow us on Twitter @BFT_Podcast and Facebook @BluntForceTruthPodcast. We want to hear from you! There’s no better… Read more »