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The Sentinels at the Southern Border – an Interview with Joe Adams – Episode 225

On this episode of Blunt Force Truth, Chuck Woolery invites Col. Joe Adams of Project Bluelight, a privately funded anti-terrorist intelligence operation in support of Homeland Security personnel in the field. Adams recounts some of his military experiences, as well as stories from his over thirty years working as a contract operative with government agencies. He explains how

With Project Bluelight, Adams has been patrolling on the Mexican border for nearly eleven years, and he’s seen some shocking border policies implemented by the government. He brings his firsthand knowledge to the podcast to shed light on how the current political uncertainties and upcoming Presidential election results could threaten the security of our nation.

A former Marine, Joe Adams was a private investigator for 26 years and has three decades of work as a contract operative with various government agencies including the FBI, DEA, and the CIA as well as with foreign militaries friendly to the United States. And, he is a world-class marksman.

In the early 80’s, Adams worked with the CIA and the Contras fighting the Communist government in Nicaragua.  He became head of security and personal bodyguard for Dr. Adolfo Callero. Dr. Callero was President Ronald Reagan’s choice for the first Democratic President of Nicaragua.

In the late 80’s, Adams was again working with the CIA, and he became a Colonel with the Burma Liberation Expeditionary Forces. There he helped fight the military dictatorship in Burma who had imprisoned the Nobel Peace Prize Recipient Aung San Suu Kyi. Adams organized and trained commandos for an all-student revolutionary group named the Democratic Alliance Burma Army.

Adams’s last deployment was as a Colonel in the 2nd Brigade Croatian Special Forces Group, Croatian Rangers. Again, he organized, trained and led his Black Ops team behind enemy lines during the war in the Balkans.

In 2008, Adams founded Project Bluelight, which is an anti-terrorist intelligence operation in support of United States Border Patrol agents in the field.

The Project Bluelight Scouts, under his command, are directly responsible for coordinating the apprehension of almost 10,000 persons entering this country illegally from 126 foreign countries including fifteen terrorist states, tons of narcotics, and countless weapons and explosive devices.

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