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An Interview with Michael Guy on the CIA “Vault 7” Leaks – Episode 247

On this episode of Blunt Force Truth, Chuck Woolery and Mark Young run down a quick laundry list of headshaking topics that include Carleton University’s decision to remove a body-weight scale from its campus gym, Chaz Bono’s housekeeper’s helping being arrested by ICE and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow’s big “scoop” on Donald Trump’s taxes.

Then they welcome back Michael Guy, to discuss the CIA “Vault 7” leaks by WikiLeaks. Michael, a musician turned tech guy who designed the world’s first anti-piracy system, helping take down Napster with his large-scale tracking system for illegal websites and his consulting services.

Michael describes the leaks as a collection of hacking tools for spying and shares some of the ways they are used. He explains the “dark web” and the extent of spying inside the U.S. While technology is involved, Guy describes some of it as “old school spook stuff.” He shares how far away the “spies” can be while viewing your computer screen and reveals which devices – going way past cell phones – can be used to spy on us.

Michael has been engineering success stories for two decades and is considered one of the world’s foremost Google / INFOSEC experts. With a background in intelligence, INFOSEC and network security with the onus placed on SEO, Michael continues to deliver companies to total market segment domination.

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