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What? Robert Mugabe Named WHO ‘Goodwill Ambassador’

Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe has been named one of the World Health Organization’s “Goodwill Ambassadors,” in a move that has puzzled just about everyone on the face of the earth. Mugabe, who has led Zimbabwe since 1980, has seen the country essentially fall apart under his leadership. Life expectancy in Zimbabwe is just 60 years… Read more »

New York Magazine: Democrats Commit Suicide By Favoring Migrants

Democrats are committing political suicide by refusing to moderate their migrant-first policy agenda, says the liberal intellectual who launched the push for same-sex marriage. Andrew Sullivan, the immigrant British-born author who championed the same-sex movement, writes in New York Magazine: Democrats in 2017, in general, tend to criticize the use of immigration enforcement, and tend… Read more »

Maher: Trump Still ‘Worst Fat, Gross Creep,’ Despite Weinstein Revelations

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher remarked that President Trump is still “the worst fat, gross creep,” even in the wake of the revelations about Harvey Weinstein. Maher said, “On Monday, Trump called the pregnant widow of a dead American fallen soldier to console her and wound up pouring salt in… Read more »

Huckabee Sanders DESTROYS Frederica Wilson at Press Briefing

  White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders unloaded on liberal Representative Frederica Wilson on Friday, blasting the Florida Congresswoman for politicizing a private phone call between President Trump and a Gold Star widow. Sanders was delivering the daily White House press briefing when she was asked to comment on General Kelly’s defense of President… Read more »

Mark Cuban Hints at 2020 Presidential Run

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban sat down with TMZ’s Harvey Levin for an interview that will air Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “OBJECTified” and hinted at a presidential bid in 2020. “I think we’re going into a time where you need somebody who can connect to people and relate to people, and I think I qualify… Read more »

4th Circuit: 90-Year-Old Cross-Shaped Monument to WW1 Dead Is Illegal

Wednesday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit ordered the removal of a Bladensburg, Maryland, World War I memorial because its 40-foot tall cross shape violates the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause, reversing a lower court ruling that would have preserved the monument and drawing impassioned reactions from litigants and observers throughout the week…. Read more »

Persecution of Christians Around the World at an All-Time High

Anti-Christian persecution is at an all-time high world-wide, according to a recent report from the international Catholic charity, Aid to the Church in Need. The report, which tracks worldwide persecution from 2015-2017, found that 75 percent of religious persecution was directed at Christians. The report also found that “in 12 of the 13 countries reviewed,… Read more »

Huh? CNN’s Sally Kohn: Blame Trump for Rage at Harvey Weinstein

You knew liberals in the media would get there eventually. As the sex abuse scandal enveloping lefty Hollywood titan Harvey Weinstein continues to grow, CNN’s Sally Kohn on Thursday sought to shift the blame away from Weinstein and his funding of fellow Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. In a piece for, she wondered, “But should… Read more »

ABC’s ‘Nightline’ Profiles Ben Shapiro

On Thursday night, ABC Nightline’s lead segment focused on Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro, whom interviewer Dan Harris calls “a man caught in the white-hot center of the madness that is American politics today.” Harris begins the segment by noting, “College campuses have become the reflection of a divided country.” The segment continues by showing… Read more »