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Gun Control – Episode 208

On this episode of Blunt Force Truth, Chuck Woolery and Mark Young talk about gun control – one of the hottest topics throughout the country that is plagued with an excess of emotion and incorrect information. They shed light on the distinction between automatic and semi-automatic weapons, what is legal and illegal, and how politicians have gotten in the way of law enforcement doing their jobs to prevent tragedies.

They attempt to strip the emotion from situations like the Orlando shooting, reviewing a number of statistics that show how ineffective stricter gun control would be to prevent gun violence.

They discuss the Constitution and how – no matter what you believe – as Americans, we must respect the laws of the land and the methods in place to change those laws if we disagree.

In regards to the Second Amendment, they consider the “well-regulated militia” of the state and how this allows people to have the last line of defense from a tyrannical government. Mark proposes an idea for how the militia as the best solution immediately available to protect against radical jihad.

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