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Does Mueller need blood?


How is this revenge movie going to end?

Every legal trial is also an emotional revenge drama. The legal system tries to impose whatever dignity, fairness, and honesty it can on the bloodthirsty aspects of accusations and punishments. But the more emotionally involved people become, the more easily we can turn into a primitive mob.

Well, we now have the most bloodthirsty “media” in American history.

The media mob desperately wants to see somebody hanged to make up for Hillary losing the last election. A just system of laws and procedures is designed to prevent that, but in the case of the so-called “Special Counsel” there are no safeguards. We must have faith on the integrity of the individuals running the show, and today they have lost that faith.

Which the why this whole bizarre DC vendetta is so corrupt and anti-constitutional.

The goal of the U.S. Constitution is to impose order and balance on primitive mob impulses and on power-mad freaks, but today the Constitution and the spirit of fairness it embodies have been beaten down by decades of media attacks, where justice and fairness come last, if ever. The media mob — don’t doubt for a minute that they are a mob — attacked Kenneth Starr to cover up Bill Clinton’s many violations of law, which went far beyond that stained blue dress. In Watergate, the raging mob turned the other way, and President Nixon had to hang, one way or another.

Mobs have no principles; they just run after the smell of blood.

This time Donald Trump is the chosen target, but his only known crime was to win the election. Trump has shown strength and determination against his tormentors, and a willingness to strike back. That has put some fear into their hearts, but not enough to control all that murderous rage, and their fear for their own hides if the Hillary-Obama years come under objective examination.

The coming “sexual harassment” attack will target Trump’s whole life in an attempt to stop an open examination of Clinton-Obama-Clinton corruption.

Special Prosecutors have been known to hang the nearest innocent victim, when they couldn’t nail a President of the United States. Scooter Libby was one such sacrificial lamb.There have been others.

So-called “Special Prosecutors” are granted utterly unconstitutional powers to inflict pressure, shame, and financial penalties on their targets, with no need to prove their cases in open court. If they have no case at all, Mueller and his kind can force an out-of-court settlement to save their face.

“Special Prosecutors” are therefore nothing but an ugly cancer on the Constitution.

The witch hunters have apparently never wondered what could happen if the worm turned. They feel immune from ordinary consequences, even for extreme, publicly known misfeasance and malfeasance.

That’s the key: Their sense of untrammeled power. That is also why the office of the “Special Prosecutor” is a poisoned sword aimed at the heart of constitutional government.

But if Republicans keep the House and Senate next year they will have a full deck: POTUS, the Congress, and increasingly, the courts, including SCOTUS.

Does the left really want to risk turning America into a revenge mobocracy? In the 1950s France was such a revenge mobocracy, until Charles de Gaulle was able to establish a stabilizing constitution.

Robert Mueller and his bloodhounds have wasted a year trying to nail down a pure prosecutorial delusion, and millions of Americans know it. We also know how the whole witch-hunting “dossier” was forged, and we know who was responsible for corrupting the FISA Court to expose all of us to potential invasions of privacy.

Americans wonder whether this charade was created to protect Hillary and her coconspirators, including Obama officials, who may be guilty of crimes far worse than talking to Russians.

Mueller accepted the job, which came to him corruptly through the machinations his good friend James Comey, along with James Clapper, John Brennan, and scores of Deep Staters and media whores pointing their fingers at Trump without a shred of evidence. They convinced millions of ignorant liberals that there must be fire with all that smoke.

My question is whether Mueller could even bring this charade to an end without crucifying some scapegoat. For Mueller to resign with no indictments would be honest, but it would also mean a big loss of face. Disappointed liberals and Swamp critters might turn against him.

Mueller’s career has been based on sniffing out the prevailing political winds, but now, with every passing day, he is losing credibility.

If Mueller manages to indict a minnow he will look ridiculous. If his victim-of-choice can actually mount a vigorous defense in court, chances are good that Mueller will lose in court, if the deck isn’t stacked. That should finally outrage enough Americans to abolish the Office of Liberal Witch Hunter.

So — is there any way Mueller can end this fraud without a bloodied victim? Or does he have to spend another year and ten million dollars pursuing a ghost?

If Mueller has any personal honor, he should resign immediately, along with his yapping hyenas.

“Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely” said Lord Action. We are now seeing that truth enacted again in Washington, DC.

There may be no way to stop it, but the damage to public faith in the system will be immense. 

(First reported by James Lewis and published by the American Thinker)  (December 13, 2017)

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