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Harvey Weinstein Accused Of ‘Decades’ Of Sexual Harassment

Harvey Weinstein Accused Of ‘Decades’ Of Sexual Harassment

Hollywood producer – and Democratic mega-donor – Harvey Weinstein, has been involved in eight separate sexual harassment lawsuits, according to an expose published by the New York Times Thursday, and has paid out millions in settlements over a span of decades.

Weinstein, the paper says, has a history of bizarre behavior, allegedly offering women who work for him a career boost in return for sexual favors.

In at least one case, a female employee claimed Weinstein “badgered” her into allowing him to give her a naked massage, leaving her “crying” and “distraught.” In another, Weinstein reportedly told a female colleague to meet him for breakfast at a hotel, but then redirected her to his room, where he appeared in a bathrobe and asked her to watch him shower.

These encounters – which included “unwanted physical contact” – led to several lawsuits, and Weinstein has settled at least eight of those over the course of three decades, stretching all the way back to 1990, but as recently as 2015, the paper says.

This is undoubtedly bad news for Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who relied on Weinstein for thousands of dollars in campaign donations across their careers. In the last cycle alone, Weinstein gave nearly $100,000, through a series of small-bore donations, to both the Hillary Victory Fund as well as major left-leaning organizations supporting the Democratic nominee’s campaign.

Weinstein’s Hillary Clinton donations stretch back almost as far as his history of being a total creep; according to Open Secrets, Weinstein has been funding Clinton’s various endeavors since 1999, when she was first the junior Senator from New York. Before then, he donated generously to her husband Bill’s Presidential campaign, and when he reached his limits, he often hosted star-studded fundraisers, where he would help bundle other celebrities’ cash.

The Hollywood producer was so enamored with Barack Obama he called him the Paul Newman of American politics, as he cut checks for thousands of dollars to Obama’s election and re-election victory funds. Obama returned Weinstein’s love, once calling the director “amazing” at a DNC fundraiser. The two are so close now that a former Obama aide, Anita Dunn, hunkered down with Weinstein and his top advisers ahead of the New York Times’s scoop.

When Barack Obama’s term was nearly over, Weinstein generously offered Obama’s daughter Malia a job as an intern in the Weinstein Company’s New York office – an offer that seems a lot sketchier now that we know Weinstein has spent the last three decades allegedly preying on the young women who work for his companies.

Weinstein is also buddies with New York Senator Chuck Schumer, and a routine donor to Schumer’s re-election campaigns. And Weinstein loves Al Franken; he donated thousands to Franken’s Minnesota campaigns, too. In fact, there are very few Democrats who haven’t recieved a check, here or there, from the Hollywood bigwig. His list includes Wesley Clark to Kirsten Gillibrand.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for any of those leftist luminaries to give those donations back, though, now that they know Weinstein is a serial harasser.

(First reported by the Daily Wire)  (October 6, 2017)

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