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President Trump Made It Clear The U.S. Is Not Playing Games Anymore

President Trump has called for unity of all American and wants to defeat the terror groups that are killing innocent men, women, and children. His decision to stay in Afghanistan is based on protecting American lives and other innocent lives around the world. Trump called out nations that harbor and finance terror organizations, which could be your tax dollars funding terror organizations.

We are moving towards having a country that works as one and is not spending billions of tax dollars on foreign interest. Those tax dollars could be spent on the American people and specifically, American soldiers returning home. It should be obvious that we cannot fix another country when our country is at war with itself.

Yes, staying in Afghanistan means that we will continue to put American soldiers in danger and spend billions of dollars but we are protecting from terror organizations taking over the area. We are protecting ourselves from another 9/11 and the expansion of these groups of losers.

President Trump’s speech should give American people hope for the future because we have a leader that will resolve the issues that have been ignored for so long. We are done spending billions of tax dollars to be in the middle east where the troops are not properly equipped and cannot engage with the enemy without following a bunch of rules. President trump has put the United states in a position to stabilize the area and allow for American soldiers to come home. Now we will wait to see the rest of the worlds reaction.

(First reported Blunt Force Truth News)

(August 22, 2017)

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