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This ABSURD Tweet From CNN’s Chris Cillizza Tells You Everything You Need To Know About Media Bias

If you ever wondered whether there was media bias, wonder no more.

In one tweet on Wednesday morning, CNN’s Chris Cillizza alleviated all concerns on that score with one astonishing tweet:

Now, in case you missed the context here, the “Ted Cruz porn video” is a mistakenly liked tweet by one of Cruz’s interns depicting people having sex. The “Seattle mayor resignation” is a fifth allegation of sex with male minors forcing the resignation of Seattle Mayor Ed Murray. In other words, one of these stories is pure stupidity, and the other is alleged serial sexual misconduct with minors. But if you just saw Cillizza’s tweet, you’d think that Cruz was involved in making a porn video, and the Seattle mayor was stepping down to spend time with the family.

This isn’t a shocker. The media have granted blanket coverage over the past 24 hours to Cruz’s liked tweet; their coverage of alleged sex scandals involving Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) has grown of late, but was absent for months. And they’ve granted zero time to Connecticut Councilman Scott Chamberlain, who had to resign his position after photos of him came out on a website for people with sexual fantasies about “furries.”

Well, at least turnabout is fair play. This must be the media’s revenge on Cruz for his father allegedly murdering JFK or something.

(First reported by The Daily Wire)   (September 13, 2017)

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