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To Offer Americans an Alternative to ‘Single-Payer’ Health Care, Republicans Must Act This Year

Published by The Daily Signal

By Robert Moffit

With his Twitter account, President Donald Trump jumped into the national health care debate this week, tweeting:

Trump’s basic message is right on target. Of course, nobody expects anybody’s tweets to rise to the level of policy analysis, but expect the usual gaggle of the president’s critics to nit-pick his terse language.

Congressional Democrats, the president notes, are pushing their “universal health care” agenda. The lead vehicle is Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ “single-payer” plan (S. 1804)—billed as “Medicare for All”—which has attracted 16 Senate Democrats as co-sponsors.

The bill would create a “government monopoly” over health care. It would outlaw all private health insurance, including Americans’ job-based coverage, and impose restrictions on private medical practice. No personal freedom, no personal choice.

Incredibly, more than half of all House Democrats are backing a similar bill (H.R. 676).

British citizens, the president also notes, are complaining about their own “single-payer” system (the British National Health Service), and says that it’s “going broke and not working.”

Perhaps the “going broke” description is not quite accurate. Britain’s health program is funded by a special 12 percent payroll tax on top of the nation’s progressive income tax. The system only “goes broke”—incurs a deficit or debt—when it spends more on medical services than the government budget allows, when demand outruns supply.

To prevent that, British officials have a simple remedy: Cut the supply of medical services, and deny care to patients. It’s government rationing; it’s been going on for years.

Just last month, the British government decided to cancel 50,000 “non-emergency” surgeries for patients trying to get relief. No scalpel, just across-the-board cutting—Rationing by Meat Axe. Britain’s socialized medicine may be unblemished by “evil capitalist profits,” but in Britain, almighty money still rules—sometimes ruthlessly.

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