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Trump’s Paris Decision: Liberal Tears Everywhere

Now that President Trump has officially announced to exit the Paris deal, we will swim through the left’s tears to see what is really happening. The constant attacks were not a surprise after the decision was announced.  Even after Trump’s decision to exit the climate deal, some liberal governors have decided to stay committed to the deal.

The three states that have choose to stick with the climate deal are, California, Washington, and New York. Staying with the goals of the deal will call for major spending and will hinder businesses based in those states. On top of the economic cost, it is blatantly ignoring Trump’s decision. The tax dollars spent to support the climate deal could be used to make actual improvements to the state’s citizens.

Trump has been under attack for the decision but he had made the decision with the countries best interest in mind. Many people will say that his decision is solely based on his climate stance but it was clear that they United States would not benefit from the deal and would have to take the lead of other countries to keep the deal together. The U.S. needs to stop holding hands and get ourselves back on path, which was exactly what Trump has started.

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Source:  (June 2, 2017)