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NO THANKS: ESPN Considers DROPPING ‘Monday Night Football’

As NFL ticket sales dwindle and ratings plummet throughout the United States, ESPN is considering dropping its marquee ‘Monday Night Football’ programming as angry fans tune-out after months of player protests. According to the Hollywood Reporter, sagging viewership and dismal ratings are forcing television network’s to re-think their approach to the National Football League, with… Read more »

Ratings For Trump-Hating SNL Plunge In Season Opener

Saturday Night Live has gotten ugly. It hasn’t been funny for years, of course, but with the election of Donald Trump as president, the liberal late-night show has virtually brimmed with vitriol and hate. The 43rd season of the tired old show debuted on Saturday with its deep hatred of Trump on full display. The… Read more »

New Poll: NFL More Unfavorable Than Ever, Nosedives by 13 Percent in One Week

Professional football players aren’t the only ones taking hits on the field these days.  According to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll, the National Football League is seen as more unfavorable than ever before.  “The NFL’s net favorability has dropped from 30% on September 21 to 17% on September 28,” the poll shows.  Naturally, among Trump… Read more »

Fake News? Bad Reviews of Low-Rated CNN App Mysteriously Disappear

Is someone trying to save the CNN app from embarrassingly bad reviews? In the wake of the cable network appearing to threaten a Reddit user who created a video of Donald Trump punching the CNN logo, the average of Apple reviews for the CNN app plummeted to a one star rating. Now, the average has mysteriously… Read more »