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The Left Is Celebrating The Murder Of A Child, Proving Again That Leftism Is Satanism

The Left today is in a state of euphoria over the murder of a child.

As I previously reported, the Trump Administration had been locked in a legal battle over a pregnant illegal immigrant in its custody. The teenage girl, over 15 weeks pregnant, wanted an abortion. The government refused to facilitate the procedure, in a marked departure from the bloodthirsty pro-abortion enthusiasm of the previous administration. The girl was given the option to go back to her own country and do what she chooses to do, or stay here and explore options that don’t include murdering her baby in its second trimester.

As usual, a fanatical judge stepped in to impose his will on a situation far outside the scope of his authority. The courts insisted that the girl must be allowed to get her abortion, despite lacking the power to infuse “abortion rights” into a non-citizen minor. The decision turns the United States into an abortion mecca where pregnant people from around the globe can bypass their own country’s abortion laws by coming here to dispatch their unwanted offspring. I do not think this is what the framers of the Constitution had in mind.

Today, the “procedure” was carried out. The child — who, again, was well over 15 weeks gestation — is now dead. He was torn apart, limb by limb, probably starting with his legs, and then the pieces of him were discarded in a dumpster. That is what we mean when we say “procedure.” It’s a procedure in the same way that Jeffrey Dahmer carried out procedures. It’s a procedure like rape is a procedure. It is not a procedure. It is the taking of innocent human life.

The Left has, of course, celebrated this child’s gruesome execution. The ACLU trumpeted that “justice” had prevailed. NARAL said it was “thrilled” with the baby’s death. The “Justice for Jane” hashtag is filled with people spiking the football and gesticulating wildly in the end zone while standing over top the corpse of a dead child. The whole spectacle is so vile, so rotten, so incomprehensibly evil that I hesitate to even express the wickedness of it because I lack the vocabulary to adequately capture it.

But I’ll try. I want to say two things in particular about this story:

1. This is why I equate Leftism with Satanism.

I wrote an entire book explaining this, but I will reiterate. Satanism is the worship of self above everything. In Satanism, the only thing that matters is the pleasure and comfort of the individual. All else is secondary and irrelevant. Leftism is exactly this, but secularized and given a different name. This is why they celebrate “justice” for the mother without even pausing to consider what was just for the child. The child literally does not count. He interfered with the mother’s lifestyle, so he is worthless. In Leftism, as in Satanism, everything and everyone is subordinate to the desires of the Self. The baby’s self does not need to be taken into consideration.

Many people, even conservatives, have scolded me for accusing all Leftists of being Satanists. I’m sorry if the comparison makes your tummy hurt. I really am. But we happen to live in a country where a certain side of the culture war unabashedly cheers the mass murder of infants. What do you expect me to say about them? That they have a point and maybe we should try harder to understand them? No. They have no point. I’ll let you empathize with the Left if you choose. I will empathize with the 50 million babies it has killed.

2. True justice will be done, but not here.

If abortion is justice, then there is no justice in America. Not legally, anyway. Justice is dead. It has been for sometime. We should not even call it the Justice System. We have no Justice System. We have courts and men in black robes who decide things. Nothing more.

But there is still justice, though we cannot see it and we will not fully experience it in this world. True justice will come in the next. And let us not fool ourselves into thinking that God will have nothing to say about the mountain of dead and mangled bodies we have put before Him. Vengeance is mine, says the Lord. And it will be His. The blood of these murdered babies cries out to Him for retribution and He will deliver. God is merciful but He is also just. He will repay, He says. And when the bill comes due, I’m afraid the price will very steep for a great many of us.

I pray for repentance and salvation for all, including myself, but those who have a hand in the mass extermination of the innocent, and who do not repent of it, will burn. We don’t like to talk about that or think about it but perhaps we should. Hell is there for a reason. And abortion is a giant funnel sending millions of souls down into it. Not the souls of the children, but of the impenitent butchers who destroy them. And those of us who sit complacently, though we disapprove silently in our heads, may find ourselves in the same camp.

Pray for our country. The day of reckoning will be here soon enough.

(First reported by the Daily Wire)   (October 25, 2017)

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