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WATCH: University Of California Student Steals MAGA Hat, Demands Wearer Be Punished

Video shows woman claiming “Make America Great Again” is a slogan for “genocide”

A student at the University of California, Riverside, was left to beg for his Student Life Department’s help after a fellow student snatched his Make America Great Again hat and brought it to school administrators, claiming the hat was a sign of “genocide.”The video, from Campus Reform, is almost too bizarre to believe.

The female student — the one who stole the hat — screams at the hat’s owner, Matthew Vitale, in front of Student Life officials, laying into him with a profane rant about “free speech.”

“So this guy thought it would be a good idea to go into a conference wearing this f***ing hat,” the female student wails. “Look at the kind of sh*t he’s wearing, You know what this represents? This represents genocide — genocide of a bunch of people.”

When Vitale asks for his hat back, because the rules define stealing as a crime, she shoots back, “man, f*** your laws.”

“Do you have any f***ing conscience?” she continues, telling Vitale that his “f***ing freedom of speech is genocide, homeboy. I swear to God I could burn this sh*t. I swear to God I could burn this sh*t.”

Employees at the Student Life office do little except look on in horror and offer to “mediate” the conflict between the woman and Vitale, telling the woman that she needs to return the property, but then telling Vitale that the two need to “talk” about the incident.

Vitale recoils, but it doesn’t matter — his aggressor isn’t going to sit down to talk about anything. “How about we talk about not letting him wear this sh*t on campus?” she screams.

Eventually, an administator convinces her to let go of the hat and return it to its rightful owner. But another staffer makes the mistake of asking the woman to calm down.

“F*** your f***ing freedom of speech, boy. F***it. F*** it because your freedom of speech is literally killing a lot of people out there. That’s what it is, because you’re out there wearing hats like these that promote laws and legislations that literally kill and murder in the masses people of color,” she stated.

Campus Reform says they haven’t been able to get in contact with Vitale, so it’s not clear how, or if, the situation resolved. By the end of the video both Vitale and the woman are seen heading off with Student Life counselors, presumably to talk about the incident.

Vitale did get his hat back, however.

(First reported by The Daily Wire)   (September 28, 2017)

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