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POTUS Promised To Cut ‘Job-Killing’ Regulations; He’s Outpacing Reagan.

Trump slashing regulations at higher rate than any president going back to Jimmy Carter. On the campaign trail, Donald Trump made a lot of promises, and while some of them, like the Big, Beautiful Wall, have thus far proven elusive, he’s managed to keep several that aren’t getting much airtime in the unprecedentedly negative coverage… Read more »

Was The Last Time The US ‘Substantially’ Reformed The Tax Code In 1986?

The House Republicans’ Twitter handle claimed that the U.S. has not “really reformed our tax code since 1986” in a Thursday tweet. We haven’t really reformed our tax code since 1986. The year #FerrisBueller came out. — House Republicans (@HouseGOP) September 21, 2017 The tweet linked to a marketing message describing how the… Read more »

Human Rights Orgs Are Comparing Trump to Reagan

President Trump took communism and rogue regimes head on during his first speech to the United Nations General Assembly Tuesday.  He warned the likes of Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro that if he proceeds with his socialist agenda that is crippling his country, he can expect the United States to respond. He defined Iran as a… Read more »

The progressive makeover of … Ronald Reagan

Presidential “historian” Douglas Brinkley claims a new CNN documentary about Ronald Reagan shows how likeable he was. You’ll excuse me for being skeptical, given the intellectual hackery masquerading as historical context that Brinkley recently served up on CNN. I featured Brinkley’s false witness-bearing on my CRTV show’s “Fake News or Not” segment and labeled it… Read more »

Revisiting NAFTA: Ronald Reagan On Free Trade In North America

The Trump administration’s announcement of objectives in updating the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, provide a good opportunity to reflect on President Ronald Reagan’s vision for North America. Congress passed legislation authorizing implementation of NAFTA in 1993, and President Bill Clinton signed it. But 14 years earlier, in 1979, candidate Reagan proposed his… Read more »