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An Introduction to Living Beyond 120 – an interview with Dr. Jeffrey Gladden – Episode 287

Dr. Jeffrey Gladden is a physician who specializes in human performance and longevity. Once specializing primarily as an interventional cardiologist, he started to realize that the current health care system was actually a sick care system. He began studying extensively about how to make people who are healthy even better, and he talks about how… Read more »

The Dangers of the Diversity Lottery – an Interview with Daniel Greenfield – Episode 284

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, who has focused on Islamic terror since the September 11th attack. He talks about current immigration policy and the diversity lottery, exploring how it doesn’t benefit America but puts us at serious risk. They talk about why the left wants to bring… Read more »

Blunt Force Truth Thanksgiving Special with James W. Baker – Episode 283

Today we thank our listeners for helping to make our podcast the force that it is, and Chuck and Mark start out by reading listener tweets sharing what they are thankful for this year. They invite historian James W. Baker on for an historical perspective on America’s Thanksgiving traditions. Baker gives us the facts about… Read more »

Conservative Supermen – an Interview with Dean Cain – Episode 282

Dean Cain is an actor, writer, producer, father and one of the rare Conservatives in Hollywood. On the podcast, he talks about many of his conservative viewpoints, including the need for term limits in Congress; there was never supposed to be a political class in this country. They consider the media’s constant attacking of Trump… Read more »

Holding Government Accountable – an Interview with Rep. Connie Mack – Episode 281

Former Congressman Connie Mack comes on to talk about the Trump Dossier and accountability in Washington. Mack shares his thoughts about what Jeff Sessions should do to get to the bottom of the Russian investigation, and he describes the stonewalling he’s seen in the State Department, full of Obama appointees still loyal to the past… Read more »

A Common Sense Gun Bill – an Interview with Rep. Richard Hudson – Episode 279

Representative Richard Hudson from North Carolina is working to get a bill passed in Congress to allow a concealed carry permit to be recognized in all states. Right now, a law-abiding citizen carrying their legal weapon can suddenly become a criminal simply by crossing some state lines. They discuss this Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of… Read more »