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The Conflict in Israel – an Interview with EJ Kimball – Episode 306

EJ Kimball is the Director of the Israel Victory Project at the Middle East Forum and serves as the President of EJK Strategies, a national security and government relations firm in Washington, DC. EJ is a foreign policy and national security consultant with over 10 years’ experience working in Washington, DC. Kimball clarifies some things… Read more »

BFT – Weekly Wrap-Up 18-07

For our weekly wrap-up, we bring you the wit and wisdom of Chuck Woolery as he distills the latest news in short segments of sarcasm, as heard this week on radio stations across the country. This week: Socialism, Vistaprint and Gays, Dem Liars, Immigration Numbers and California Cancer Coffee.

Beating the Government Healthcare System – an Interview with Dr. Elaina George – Episode 304

Dr. Elaina George is a doctor in Atlanta talking us through how Obamacare and government involvement in health care is actually ruining your health. She talks about made-up costs in the hospital and insurance system and the alternatives that exist for people looking for affordable care. Dr. George discusses about the Association of American Physicians… Read more »

Guided by the Constitution – an Interview with Austin Petersen – Episode 302

Austin Petersen is a Libertarian and Constitutional Conservative running for U.S. Senate in Missouri as Republican against Claire McCaskill. He lays out his stance on a number of controversial policies and current issues, and they talk about what’s wrong with the political system today – as well as how Petersen plans to fight it. They… Read more »

Thoughts from Our Listeners – Episode 301

Chuck and Mark break down some of the latest news in politics, including why Democrats don’t understand that Trump doesn’t just take hits but gets stronger with every attack. The left continues with irrational complaints about Trump, while wanting to give credit to Obama for his “9th term” in the same economic timeframe. They respond… Read more »

Surviving and Growing from Life’s Challenges – an Interview with Rabbi Steven Leder – Episode 300

Rabbi Steven Leder is a highly respected leader in the Jewish community and author of the new book More Beautiful Than Before: How Suffering Transforms Us. He brings an inspiring message to the podcast about learning from and moving through pain and suffering to live a gentler, wiser and more beautiful life. With personal stories… Read more »