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Insane: Virginia Candidate Wants A $26.80 Minimum Wage

Oh, here we go with the minimum wage stuff again. And more proof that the $15/hour initiative really isn’t the end of the road. Frankly, Republicans should ask in response to these Democratic minimum wage proposals why can’t it be $40/hour or $100/hour? We all know that the $15/hour goal is a ruse and for… Read more »

Collapse: Pro-Minimum Wage Protests Evaporate Thanks To An Ironic Reason

The Fight for $15 minimum wage campaign appears to have collapsed. After tens of millions of dollars were pumped into it by labor unions, specifically the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the workers that this movement attempted to energize with the promise of higher wages are just not enthused anymore. In fact, what Seattle, which… Read more »

Disaster: Maryland County Would Lose 47,000 Jobs With Minimum Wage Hike

Minimum wage hike fever screwed over workers in Seattle. The $15/hour increase, which is set to be fully phased in by 2018, resulted in fewer hours, wages, and job opportunities for workers. In New York, they lost 1,000 restaurants and the job market for minimum wage workers shrunk 3.4 percent. The hours worked for these… Read more »

The Minimum Wage Hurts Workers. So Why Does The Left Want To Hike It?

For the most part, people share common goals. Most of us want poor people to enjoy higher standards of living, greater traffic safety, more world peace, greater racial harmony, cleaner air and water, and less crime. Despite the fact that people have common goals, we often see them grouped into contentious factions, fighting tooth and… Read more »

Union PR Firm, Seattle Mayor Coordinated On Pro-$15 Min Wage Berkeley Study

Emails reveal rush release of study to counter rival study linking wage hike to job and wage losses Newly published emails reveal that the Seattle mayor’s office coordinated with academics and a union public relations firm to rush a study purporting to downplay job and wage losses associated with a $15 minimum wage. Democratic Mayor… Read more »

Seattle’s Minimum Wage Supporters Continue To Ignore The Facts

In what has become a running joke amongst those skeptical of the claim that minimum wage increases have no effect on unemployment, a recent report by the Employment Policies Institute showed that 174 of the 184 co-sponsors of a bill to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour hired unpaid interns. My personal… Read more »

Busted: Emails Show Seattle Mayor Worked With Berkeley To Preempt Study Criticizing Minimum Wage Law

Seattle’s experiment with a higher minimum wage has detrimentally impacted workers with less pay and fewer hours. The $15/hour minimum wage law was passed in 2014. It was on a phased four-year timetable. Right now, it’s at $11/hour, which has also screwed over workers. The latest chapter in this fight is interesting since it appears… Read more »

Minimum Wage Hike Fever Also Screwed New York’s Workers

Seattle has been under the microscope concerning their minimum wage hike experiment, which has reduced wages and hours for workers. The city passed a $15/hour minimum wage law in 2014, which was to be gradually phased in on a four-year timetable. Right now, it’s at $11/hour and the detrimental impacts of the increase were reported… Read more »

Study: Seattle’s Minimum Wage Hike Hurting Most Vulnerable Workers

A new study from the University of Washington says that Seattle’s minimum wage hike is hurting the very workers it was supposed to help. The study published in the National Bureau of Economic Research found that the city’s wild hike in the wage to $13 last year caused employers to cut hours, layoff workers, and… Read more »

Settled Science: Minimum Wage, Basic Economics Rudely Intrude On Liberal Dreams

Whenever the Left pushes for sharp increases in the minimum wage (which has intrinsic populist appeal and tends to poll well), conservatives argue that such plans would kill jobs, stifle entry-level opportunities, and end up hurting many of the very people it was ostensibly meant to help. Liberals’ rhetoric about the minimum wage does not… Read more »