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SEIU Union Willing To Destroy Low-Wage Employees To Increase Membership

McDonald’s is now being referred to as the “Trump of corporations” by protesters at McDonald’s Shareholders meeting. The protest is aimed at raising the minimum wage to $15. The fast-food workers are not only looking for $15 wages but want union rights for workers. Protesters are claiming “wage theft” and “poverty wages” as the bases… Read more »

Poking The Sleeping Giant?

China has been in a battle for control of man-made islands in the South China Sea. Recently, we have seen multiple cases of the Chinese military taunting United States ships and aircraft. The most recent incident was during a routine U.S. Navy surveillance flight. The flight did not intrude on Chinese territories but was intercepted… Read more »

The Obama “Legacy” Continues…

The left continues their mindset that Russia spied on and hacked our election but ignoring evidence of spying was done by the Obama administration. Recently, it has been released that the Obama administration routinely violated the privacy of American citizens and the privacy breach may have even been used for political reasons during the last… Read more »

Liberal’s Agenda Stands Above Recent Terror Attack

As we all watch the unfolding of the terror attack in Manchester, celebrities are taking the chance mock the situation and push their liberal agenda. This should not come as a surprise to anyone who has followed attacks like these in the past. Katy Perry did not hesitate to push her liberal agenda when she… Read more »

Pope Francis And President Trump Meeting Turns Environmental

It is not a secret that Trump has not been the strongest supporter of climate change and was a position that was not in agreement with Pope Francis. Climate change and the border wall were a few areas of disagreement between the Pope and Trump during the election. With this in mind, Trump’s recent meeting… Read more »

Trump’s “Taxpayer-First” Budget

Trump has proposed his fiscal 2018 budget and it is full of spending cuts that add up to $3.6 trillion. The cuts would mean drastic decline in funding for food stamps, Medicaid, disability benefits, low-income housing, and other social programs. The proposed cuts are very drastic and are finding little support from even Republicans.  The… Read more »