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Media Is Not Holding Back Against Trump Or His Staff

The Washington Times says that there is not a cure for “Trump Derangement Syndrome” and has spread through the media like wildfire. This does not come as a surprise to anyone that has looked at headings of news stories lately. It is more difficult to find a story that puts the president in a positive… Read more »

Could Drama In Washington Hold Back Trump’s Agenda?

Bloomberg News has opened the drama that is intensifying within the Republicans in Washington. The building drama is creating concern for Republicans and has some pulling back support of some policy changes. These concerns come from Republicans that know drama will only increase the difficulty of Trump’s agenda. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is willing… Read more »

Putin Is More Willing To Work With Congress Than Clinton

Fox News is covering another story that has not yet been twisted by the liberal media. Putin has publicly defended President Trump against the allegations that he was too friendly with the Russians and shared Classified information. Putin is not willing to judge Trump’s presidency until “he’s allowed to work at full capacity”, which is better treatment… Read more »

GOP’s Wide-Range Immigration Proposal

The Chicago Tribune looks deeper into the bill that is being proposed by GOP lawmakers. Though there are no plans to build a wall along any borders, the bill does include punishments for sanctuary cities, prison sentences for immigrants who illegally reenter the U.S., reimbursement for states that must call in their National Guard. This bill… Read more »

Obama Didn’t Want To Hurt Manning’s Feelings

The Only Story here is that the Obama proved that he did not care about national security and the left’s arguments are based on emotions. NBC News covered the recent release of Chelsea Manning after Obama grants Clemency. Manning had only served seven of her 35-year sentence for leaking a quarter million military files. Manning worked… Read more »

China Blames The United States And The NSA

Fox News reports on the recent cyberattack that hit all over the world. China was hit hard and the attack affected over 30,000 organizations. China has put some of the blame on the United States because the malware was stolen from the NSA and China claims they have not done enough to help them replace foreign… Read more »

When In Need Of A Weapon, Look For A Coffee Pot

The New York Daily News has covered the latest commercial airline dispute. An Air Canada flight had to make an emergency landing in Orlando after a passenger had used a coffee pot to hold off the flight crew and tried to open the exit door. Yes, this had all happened while they were in the… Read more »

White House’s Media Shake-Up

The Hill jumped into the talks of possible changes to the way the White House conducts press conferences and media in general. President Trump has had a lot of pressure to look at changing members of his staff and his fellow conservatives are worried that they maybe failing him. As new controversies are arising every day, it… Read more »

It’s Time To Move “Onward Together” from Hillary Clinton

Fox News was first to jump on the launching of Hillary Clinton’s “Onward Together”, which was revealed on twitter and mass email to her supporters. Hasn’t she learned her lesson from using email? “Onward Together” is intended encourage people to organize, increase participation, and run for office. In other terms, it is just a way… Read more »