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“Tolerant” Left Cancels Conservative TV Series

Life Site News jumped one of the left’s latest moves to fight against anyone who has different beliefs. ABC has cancelled “last Man Standing”, which happened to be one of the few conservative shows in the sea of liberal television programs. ABC claimed that it was to cut cost but renewed “Modern Family” and increased… Read more »

Democrats Say It’s “Too Early” To Talk About Impeachment

The Hill wanted to bring to light the talk about impeaching President Trump but put a brighter light on the direction the Democrat party has gone. The second ranking House Democrat, Steny Hoyer (Md.), is trying to build evidence against Trump before talking about impeachment. This must have been missed by Rep. Al Green (D-Texas)… Read more »

Minority Leader Requests Transcript From Russian Meeting

The Washington Post reported on the request from Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) that President Trump hands over transcripts from meeting with the Russians. The left wants Trump to release the transcripts and does not think it would be a big deal “if he has nothing to hide”, which is ironic because it is… Read more »

President Trump’s “Blunder” During Russian Meetings

The Washington Post broke down some issues and questions from President Trump’s meeting with the Russia. Trump did share classified information with the Russians and was open about it through Twitter but was cautious on what he shared. Trump never broke any laws by sharing the information with the Russians but talks of impeachment still become… Read more »